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Live what you wear® is a lifestyle brand for all ages! Our stylish apparel line has a positive message printed on the front of our products. The company name, Live what you wear®, is printed on the back, challenging the wearer and onlookers to live that positive message! Of course, the apparel line also serves the basic purpose of keeping you fashionably under wraps [1. adjective: clothed, dressed, clad]. We have other exciting products in development, and those too are under wraps [2. noun: top secret, hush-hush]. If you are future minded, you can unwrap what's under wraps.

 Tagline on the tagline...PHILOSOPHY

We love our philosophy sooo much, we have included under the bill of our hats, on our tags, and anywhere else we see fit!   As if under wraps wasn’t redundant enough, our tagline is our tagline, and our philosophy was created by a doctor of philosophy.   Embrace the philosophy →

As our philosophy suggests, there is more than just one way to Live what you wear®!  Our tagline summarizes our philosophy in three simple words:

choose • aspire • inspire 


The exciting field of positive psychology is part of the inspiration behind Live what you wear®. In fact, Dr. KK, the founder and CEO of Live what you wear®, is thrilled to be an active player in the field of positive psychology. What is positive psychology? Simply put, positive psychology is the scientific study of human strengths, positive emotions, and basically what goes right in life. Through research, practice, and dissemination ventures, positive psychologists help people live optimal, fulfilling lives. How can you live your optimal, fulfilling life? Live what you wear® to begin with!  Want to know more?  Do we have a story for you!       Once upon a time... 

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