Once upon a time...(our story)

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Dr. KK, Founder and CEO of Live what you wearOnce upon a time

on a chilly November afternoon, two professors were talking at a coffee shop as they often did.  Professors have a lot to say to begin with, but these professors in particular were colleagues and good friends, so it was tough to get a word in edgewise.  While enjoying their caffeine fix, they discussed how they could use the science of positive psychology to help people live optimal lives.  

As she sipped her soy latté, Dr. KK mentioned a children's book she had just written, and that one of the characters in her book donned a shirt with the word RESPECT on it.  She went on and on about how positive psychology, and positive words in general, can transform people’s lives; she vowed to find a way to get this information to the general public.  “The universe needs this life changing information…and a little inspiration," said Dr. KK.  Dr. Muse (name changed to protect the inspirational) agreed.  “We are constantly bombarded with negative messages, but rarely do we receive positive messages," he quipped.  Dr. KK chimed in, “Negative messages are everywhere – even on apparel.  Like the shirt on the character in my book, we should use apparel to send positive messages.   Dr. Muse agreed, "The world needs that that now!”  Dr. KK brainstormed, “…but it has to be more than a positive word on apparrel...the person wearing the apparel is telling the world what they value or how they live…and that they live that word, they live what they wear…   AHA!  EUREKA!  At that moment, Live what you wear® was born.  The story has a happy ending - you are reading part of it right now.  And may you, too, live happily ever after!   

So that is our story.  What is yours?  Do tell.

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