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We overheard a few words shared between Jack and Jill recently...

Jill:     "Live what you wear® is the most inspiring brand....EVER!"
Jack:  "Word."

Jill:      "And their words are so powerful!"
Jack:   "Word."

Jill:      "So which one is your favorite?"
Jack:   "Word?"

Jill:     "Which word is your favorite? You know, the word on their cool products."
Jack:   "WORD!"

Their conversation may sound like redundant urban slang, or a modern day version of Who's on first?, but Jack and Jill (and numerous others) appreciate that we are all about the word. Our words aren't slang. Our words are positive and aim to do good. In fact, many of our words are backed by scientific evidence that they help people's lives. Remember, the word on your apparel tells the world how you...

      choose to live,
          aspire to live, or
               inspire others to live...

Word on the street is that Jack and Jill aren't the only ones elevated by Live what you wear®. As they walked up their urban hill to fetch some bottled water, Jack and Jill passed hundreds of others who smiled when they saw the positive words on their apparel.

Soon you will be able to learn more about the meaning of the words, and view related products (without the hike up the hill)!

Remember, words are powerful!  Use them wisely, and kindly.

What is your favorite word?
Do tell!

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