Believe.  Faith.  Trust.  Confidence.  Believe in yourself.  Believe you can.  Believe in infinite possibility.  Believe me…In order to achieve, first you must believe.

Do you believe this?  The word believe means different things to different people, but most meanings of believe fall into two broad categories: 

  1. Believe  = optimism and confidence (believe you can, believe she can)
  2. Believe  = spirituality and faith (believe in a higher power, believe in world peace, believe in others).
If you BELIEVE and equate believe and optimism, you should know that optimists fare better in numerous other areas such as:


  • Physical and psychological health (optimists live longer!)
  • Academic performance
  • Athletic performance
  • Relationships
  • Coping with stress
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Work performance
  • Resilience against depression and anxiety.


What exactly is optimism? There are two schools of optimistic thought.  Business as usual optimism is the overall expectation that good things will happen in the future, and few bad things will happen in the future. Another school of optimistic thought is referred to as learned optimism.  Learned optimism is one’s explanatory style, or how a person explains the cause of bad events or failures. An optimistic explanatory style identifies external, variable and specific causes for a failure, while a pessimistic explanatory style attributes failure to internal, stable and global causes.


Why is optimism important? Optimism is important in terms of how people pursue goals.  Optimists believes goals can be achieved even though there are challenges and difficulties.  In contrast, pessimists believe the goal can’t be achieved when presented with a difficult challenge.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that optimism leads to success because optimists persevere, while pessimists often quit.  If you believe, it probably doesn't surprise you that optimism can predict presidential elections (better than the polls!), the success of baseball teams, and is a better predictor of college grades than SAT scores or high school grades. 

If you BELIEVE and equate believe and spirituality, you should know that spirituality is linked to:
  • Physical and psychological health
  • Stronger families and marital and parent/child relationships
  • Empathy
  • Kindness, Altruism
  • Decreased antisocial, agressive, and risky behavior
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Volunteerism and civic involvement
  • Decreased likelihood of alcohol use and illicit drug use
  • An overall better view of the world
  • Stronger, more cohesive communities
What is Spirituality?  Do you believe there are numerous ways to define spirituality?  A search for the sacred,  A connection with the larger universe, Belief in a higher power, Religion, Worldview.  The important thing is what you believe. 

Whether you believe in fairies, believe in magic, believe in true love, believe in justice, believe in world peace, believe in a higher power, believe you can, believe she can, believe in happy endings....believe in the power of believing!