Grit.  Passion. Perseverance.  Reaching your goals requires grit. People with grit never ever quit. 

Grit is the passion and perseverence necessary for reaching long-term goals.  High achievers have something in common – they are gritty.  In fact, grit is a better predictor of educational attainment than intelligence.  What's more, it is grit that predicts who survives the intense first summer of training at West Point Academy (it is so intense that 5% of the cadets drop out!).   Not only does Grit best predict who will survive training, it is a better predictor than SAT scores, previous academic achievement, and athletic ability.   YES.  Grit can be a better predictor of success than intelligence or talent.  In fact, grit can make up for less talent or skill. 

If you believe that success is a war of attrition, you likely understand why grit is essential to success in various areas such as sport, academics, career, etcThose with grit are more likely to succeed because their passion and perseverence helps them deal with the setbacks that they will encounter on their path toward their long-term goals, and helps them stay motivated despite obstacles.   People with grit never ever quit.   

Grit is is self-reinforcing.  Once you have grit – it builds on itself and becomes stronger and stronger. Grit is contagious!  If you are gritty, it can impact other people.  Can you imagine how that ripple effect can enhance teamwork?  

There may be someone smarter; there may be someone with more skill.  BUT you can win by out-gritting them!

GRIT.  Try it on for size.