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A Tale of Tolerance Respect and Accept Diversity  

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tad.  Tad possessed numerous strengths of character.  He was kind, curious, respectful, honest, and a good team member. 

One day at school, his teacher made the observation that Tad has an exceptional ability to bring together students of diverse backgrounds.  "Tad, you possess the character strength of tolerance.  I am going to give you a new nickname Tolerant Tad.

Tad was flattered and respectfully told his teacher, "I appreciate your compliment.  However, I wonder if we might change my title.  You see, I think of the word tolerance as meaning merely 'acceptance', or 'accepting' diversity.  To me, that means simply 'putting up with' diversity.  While I certainly accept diversity, I go beyond that and also respect diversity.  Respect and Accept Diversity™, that has a nice ring to it!  WOW - if you look at the acronym, it is RAD.  I am RAD.  Instead of Tolerant Tad, why don't you call me RAD TAD™!  I am RAD TAD™ and glad to teach others to Respect and Accept Diversity™ (to be RAD!). " 

Here are a few RAD ideas....

1. Let's focus on what we have in common, not on our differences. 

2. Think about how much fun it is to learn about other cultures!

3. Can you imagine how BORING would it be if we were all the same? 

There is more to come from RAD TAD™.  Soon.  Until then, know that TAD is living RADly ever after.

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